2017 Price List

15% discount to all active MILITARY.. our way of saying 'Thanks'

Aikuchi Fittings

Four to six piece metal sets. Silver) based on availability.

6 Piece Horn Set - POR

 $300 - $550


Deluxe Kiri-Wood boxes (with pillow) for high quality Menuki, Fuchi Kashira or Tsuba 

Regular Kiri-Wood boxes for Menuki, Fuchi Kashira or Tsuba



Brass Hammers

Used for pushing out the Peg


Choji - Japanese Clove Oil

A special oil, made by the Japanese for their swords. Other types of oil often stain swords.
 100 cc, Lg. bottle, $25

Crests / Mon

Vinyl press-on Mon for Martial Arts equipment, Saya, Katana-kake, Armor and most clean smooth surfaces (not suitable for fabric).
Sukashi: $10 ea,  3 /$25.  
Non-Sukashi: $8 each or 4 for $25

Fuchi Kashira

Add $50 per each MON or artwork item applied to steel

Black Steel = $150
Antique or blackened Silver = $175
Gold plated Silver = $195
2 or more colors = $225 


Cord employed to tie sword bag,  2 sizes. limited choice of colors


Traditional construction,solid (Pure) Silver or Copper.

$450  /  $400

Handle Wrap Samples

Strips of silk,  genuine leather, TSUNAMI and genuine 'suede' leather.    Add postage

Handle (Tsuka) Wrapping Service

Professionally service.  Finest workmanship, highest quality materials and most reasonable price.
Only  $250

Handle (Tsuka) Shortening

Extra Long handles,  easily shortened.

Honoki Wood

Traditional Japanese supplied wood for Saya. This wood is aged for several years to produce a very stable foundation for making Saya & Tsuka.  Price is for a 42" standard curved piece.
$125 & up


A solid steel copy in matte black finish.

Kozuka Hitsu

The band at the front edge of the Kozuka slot. Bamboo or Wave design, solid Silver



Top-quality reproduction (solid Sterling Silver) multi-plate at a reasonable price.
$200 when available


Metal bands are available in limited sizes and design themes.  Installation not included.


Blackened Steel, available in several sizes and design themes. Installation not included.

Kozuka Blades
aka Ko-Gatana

High quality Hand forged Kozuka Blades.   limited quantity (compare at $200 & up)



Solid Silver or Steel  (installation not included)

Horn Kurikata



Maintenance Kit

Japanese-supplied extra large White Uchiko (with genuine Japanese Uchigumori Powder inside), Gold-plated Hammer, Large 100cc. Choji Oil and 2 sheets of Nugui Paper
Still only $75


Antique or blackened Silver =$165

24K Gold plated = $195

Multi-plate, (2 or more colors)   = $225.

$165 to $225

Military Fittings

Sarute (Hanger) - $85

Menuki - $85

Spacers $50 to $75 per Pair.

Prices depend on the part

Naginata Set

Build your own Naginata Pole using our solid bronze parts and steel tip. 

We also produce round tips for other Pole Arms - sorry, no other parts for Pole Arms are available.



Two piece solid wood hammer set designed for difficult to remove Shira-saya handles. (solid Bamboo handle) 


Two sheets of hand made sword cleaning paper

Oshigata Paper

Your ability to make high quality copies of sword signatures (all lengths) is finally here. Make a record of your swords using high quality pressure sensitive paper..

Naginata and Pole Arm Tips 

Solid steel, black


Silk: Tanto, Wakizashi, Katana = $25  limited choice of colors. Extra long = $30,  Woodpecker = $35

Leather: By the Foot

Silk: $25
Extra long 7 foot (220cm) $30 
Woodpecker $35
(Red - add $5)

Leather: $12 per Foot

Saya - aka Scabbards, Sheathes, etc.

Genuine Honoki-wood Saya are equipped with Water Buffalo horn parts, genuine black Cashew lacquer and a Sageo.

Basic Black: $650

Other colors (if available) add $80 to $150

Seppa (Spacers)

Black colored Bronze, Lightly polished.  

Set of two: $40

Solid Silver Seppa, (when available) add $50


Solid Silver hi-quality sets for Kurikata and/or Kashira

Pair $60 - $80

Gold plated, add $20


Finest quality 'salt free' Japanese Honoki, custom hand made to fit the blade.  Tsunagi available.  Water Buffalo Horn parts available.
$550 - $750

(Stingray Skins)

'Select' handle-grade 4 inch wide strips
$6 per running inch

(War Fan)

Tessen / Jutte

Tachi & Hon-Dachi Fittings

Four & five piece sets.   Please inquire. 

$250 - $500

(Hand Guard)

Most are $125

Tsuba with Sterling Silver MON or other art work added, up to $250

 $125 to  $250

(Handle Wrapping Cord)

Genuine Silk, Leather, Tsunami or 100 % non-stretch Suede Leather.
$4 per foot

(POM POM Style)

Extra large, White Silk, genuine Japanese Uchigumori powder (the highest quality). 

Water Buffalo
Horn Parts

Over 30 different hand-made precision copies of original Japanese Saya parts.  'Factory Direct' pricing available.

Most items made of wood, Water Buffalo, Stingray skin or Kozuka blades are made in Fred's Philippine shop.

The balance of items displayed in this website are hand made by Fred in his Portland shop.


To place an order...

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