The  # '1' JAPANESE SWORD Restoration and Repair Service
Famous worldwide for providing the highest quality level of sword restoration service and supplies

PACKAGE # ONE, known as 'The Works'

All swords are expected to have a functional Habaki when received. if not, a traditionally made one can made to fit the blade. (see 'extra's

Your sword blade will be fitted with a Tsuba, a Fuchi Kashira set and a pair of Menuki, plus Seppa. Your sword blade will be mounted with either customer supplied parts, or our parts at no additional charge. A custom made (Honoki wood) Saya will be produced to fit your sword and it will be mounted with a Water Buffalo horn Kurikata, Kojiri, Koiguchi plus a Sageo of your choice. Each sword will be fitted with a custom made handle which employs a 'full wrap' of Stingray skin (not 'strips') and lastly, the handle will be professionally wrapped with your choice of either SILK, TSUNAMI, SUEDE or LEATHER cord.

Items that are not part of a 'package' such as a Habaki, metal Kojiri or a metal Kurikata are extra's.

PACKAGE # ONE includes ALL OF THE ABOVE plus having

 your blade professionally polished. (polishing & sharpening are one of the same process)

 Only $2,495   (Compare at $6500 to $8,000),


PACKAGE # TWO includes all of the above without the blade being polished.

 Only $1,495 (compare at $3,000 to $6,000)


Polishing & sharpening of most blades (only)  $995.  


PACKAGE # THREE, Handle replacement

Our 'HANDLE PACKAGE # 3' consists of a brand new hand carved wood 'core' (Honoki wood) to fit the sword tang,  A large piece of Stingray skin is added to provide a 'full wrap' of the wood core. And the installation of all metal parts normally found on a handle ( yours or ours), and your handle will be wrapped with either LEATHER, TSUNAMI, genuine leather SUEDE or pure SILK, all 'non-stretch'). When complete, your handle will be fitted to your sword with a new Bamboo peg and everything will be right, tight and ready for combat.  The handle 'package' does not include Seppa or Tsuba.

Regular price $850..'Special'... only  $650

Black colored Stingray skin on the handle (if requested in advance) is FREE with this package

Add return postage cost for your sword.


PACKAGE # FOUR Handle wrapping only

If your handle cord is loose or if your just plain tired of the old cord, this package is for you.  We remove the old wrapping, re-secure any metal parts as needed and tightly wrap the handle with your choice of Tsukaito (cord).  Now is the best time to have it done.  

Only $350 plus return postage   Compare at $500. . . .



Rattan Saya wrap
'natural' RATTAN, $25 per inch .. 'lacquered' Rattan, add $10 per inch  minimum of 6 inches      $25 - $35
Stingray Saya wrap
Sanded smooth, full wrap, lacquered and polished, $40 per inch, -or un-sanded with or without lacquer, $35 per inch.  Min 6 inches.    $35 to $40
POLE ARM TIPS Two styles made in the traditional metal of choice:  STEEL


 (parts under the wrap)
 (1.) Antique SILVER Menuki,  (2,) Gold plated, or (3.)  'Multi-plated' (more than one color, compare at $400 to $600) see 'price list'.
Steel sets, $150    Sterling Silver sets,   $195 see 'price list'
SAYA: (scabbard / sheath)
Custom made of traditional Honoki wood, horn parts, Cashew lacquer and a Sageo makes this a real winner. Not available in combination with any other 'special'. Regular: $750 (special)  $650
SHITODOMÉ (eyelets) For the Kurikata or Kashira available black, Gold plated or Silver. (exclusive)   $80 pair
Full length copy of your sword blade $250, partial length, $70   $70 / $250
TSUKA (handle)
 Professionally made to fit the sword tang, your 'parts' or our 'parts'  full wrap of Same' (no 'shortcut' using 'panels' ) and your choice of cord.      $650


are parts & services that can be added to your sword only at the
time of its construction.

Traditionally made HABAKI solid Silver or Copper $450 - $350            

* New liner for ww-2 'Metal' Scabbards, a must for a newly polished blade  $350

* Black lacquered Same' on newly wrapped handles, FREE                    

*METAL Kurikata as opposed to HORN, ( installed).. add $120

* Silver or Steel Koiguchi band on new Saya only, .add  $90

* Slot in new SAYA for Ko-gatana or Kogai (each)..   add $140  

*Metal KOJIRI installed only on newly made Saya only.. add $140      

*Silver Seppa  (blackened Bronze are standard)...add $80     

*STREAKS (limited choice of colors) added to the Saya. .add $80   

*Saya color (if available) besides 'standard Black lacquer'. add $100

$350 to $450


Your sword may be newly made or produced during WW-2 or perhaps it is even an old Japanese Samurai sword but regardless of its age, value or current condition, we promise to apply the highest level of skilled workmanship toward restoring it back to its former beauty and condition. Fred Lohman stands heads above all others with his staff of workers, his many exclusive products and his 40 plus years of sword restoration experience. The workmanship, quality and reasonable pricing are what makes Fred Lohman the 'NUMBER ONE' choice for all who value high quality results.


International shipments will also require 'return' postage charges.

The 'Before' (directly below) are typical WW2 bring-back Japanese swords

After 'restoration' ..... 'A work of art ' !


NOTE: When sending swords, we recommend the U.S. Postal Service ( NOT UPS or FEDEX ). We will not be responsible for swords sent to us without Insurance, without proper packaging or those sent using other carriers without prior approval.       

When you package your sword for mailing, use only 'bubble-pac' plastic material (NO PEANUTS, PLEASE) to protect your blade and, please keep your sword bag as you might not get it back.  Thanks!

Call for details:    503-282-4567


-or- write to:

FRED LOHMAN - 3405 N.E. Broadway -

Portland, OR  97232-1818   U.S.A.